Extended filter functions for deployment planning

Markus Schiffmacher
by Markus Schiffmacher Head of MarketingPublished on 12.06.2024

Want to filter your planning more easily, quickly and clearly? In this tips and tricks section, we show you how to do this with our two new functions in Vanillaplan.

In the construction industry, where several large projects and numerous resources often have to be coordinated at the same time, filter functions are a helpful tool for efficient resource planning. With the new functions in Vanillaplan, you can ensure that you always have an overview and can optimally manage your projects and resources.

Double-click on project

A common problem in project planning is finding all the relevant information for a specific project. With the new double-click function in Vanillaplan, you can now display each project individually. This means that by double-clicking on a project phase, you can see all the associated information at a glance, while the other projects disappear from the list. If a project comprises several phases, double-clicking on them will also make the other project phases visible. By double-clicking on the project phase again, you can display the remaining projects as a list again. This function not only makes it easier to keep track of projects, but also saves valuable time when planning resources.

Filter multiple projects and resources at the same time

Instead of just one search term in the filter search, you can now filter for several projects or resources at the same time. To do this, simply enter a space between your search terms in the filter search - and everything that contains them will be displayed.

You can filter for projects, resources or both at the same time. You can enter any names, descriptions, numbers or abbreviations that you have entered in the master data for the project or resource.

In the project view, you can filter projects by entering your search term; to filter resources, you must also enter a hashtag in front of the term. In the resource view, you filter your resources without an addition and must precede them with an @ to filter the projects.

Have fun trying it out!