From the office to the construction site - insights into the world of timber construction

Elena Höppner
by Elena Höppner Content MarketingPublished on 22.05.2024

Last month, we, the Vanillaplan marketing team, had the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the construction operations of one of our customers, AZ Holz. On two Fridays, we swapped our office for the lively environment of a construction site - and gathered many exciting impressions from the field, from timber boarding to project manager meetings.

Day 1: Immersing ourselves in the practice of wood panelling

Our day started on an early morning by office standards in Baselland, where we were warmly welcomed by the AZ Holz team. After a brief introduction, we were immediately involved in the action - and after packing up all the materials, we made our way to the construction site alongside the AZ Holz employees. The programme for the day was timber boarding. Under expert guidance, we learnt how precisely each panel had to be cut and positioned, where to measure, where to saw and where to screw. After a little familiarisation with working at these lofty heights, we were soon able to enjoy the view and lend a hand to the others at one point or another. It was exciting to see how individual wooden elements were turned into a finished structure over the course of the day and we were fascinated by how much work and attention to detail goes into a project like this. We came away from the day physically exhausted but full of new impressions.

Day 2: From project planning to practical work on the roof

This time, our day started in the planning department at AZ Holz: we were allowed to take part in the weekly project manager meeting. This was a special highlight for us, as it gave us an insight into how our software is used in practice. It was exciting to see what the planning processes in Vanillaplan look like in reality and how the functions we developed are used in actual planning.

We then went outside again: To a construction site where a roof renovation was due. With less detailed work, but by joining forces to cover the roof of the house, we were able to make ourselves useful and familiarise ourselves with the whole range of work steps, from loosening the boards to removing them with the crane and sweeping the insulation pieces together. At the end of the second taster day, we were able to look back on a wide range of impressions that complemented the first day.

Thank you AZ Holz

Our two taster days were a complete success and we would like to thank AZ Holz very much for this opportunity. It was very interesting for us to experience the work processes and the use of our software on site and to be able to exchange ideas with the experts. This not only gave us a deeper insight into the challenges of the construction industry, but also increased our appreciation of the daily work - and we are pleased to be able to offer effective solutions for the needs of the construction industry with Vanillaplan.