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Vanillaplan - why our solution is as special as its name

Elena Höppner
by Elena Höppner Content MarketingPublished on 15.08.2023

Vanillaplan - a tool that specialises in deployment and capacity planning in the construction industry. With us, you digitally map your company as it looks in reality. You make your capacities the basis of your planning and always have an eye on the progress of the project. You can exchange your data with other software tools via our interfaces. We give you an insight into our solution, which is as special as its name.

Save time, reduce effort, simplify communication - that's how you could describe any resource planning tool. For this reason, we have picked out five aspects that make our software unique in their combination. So that you quickly understand what you are dealing with in Vanillaplan.

The individuality of your company has a place in Vanillaplan: Due to the modular structure of our tool

Different company departments, several locations, different project phases? In Vanillaplan you can map the structure of your company individually. Thanks to the modular structure, you create and name all departments, phases and categories yourself - and thus map your company profile exactly.

From unchanging teams to phase planning: Our solution is specialised in the construction industry

Vanillaplan is a tool from the construction industry for the construction industry: We develop our features in close cooperation with construction companies in Switzerland and are specialised in the planning needs of the construction industry.

With the help of our event feature, you can note important events, such as a delivery of materials, in the operational planning. You can add these quickly and easily by drag & drop.

It has been proven that working in a group with a constant composition is more productive. With our team feature, you can group employees into consistent teams or columns. This makes your planning much clearer, faster and the result ultimately better.

Vanillaplan offers an end-to-end solution for all project phases. From planning to production, execution and service, we have special sets of scheduling features. Adapted to each project phase, you can implement your planning for an entire project in Vanillaplan.

Make operational utilisation the basis of your planning: with our intuitive, roster-linked capacity plan

Whether it's the overall capacity utilisation of your operation, an individual project, a department or a team - you can see at a glance how your capacity utilisation stands thanks to the intuitive colour coding in the traffic light-colour system. By comparing your workload with your target workload, you can counteract fluctuations in workload at an early stage.

With our different models for effort input, you can adapt your capacity planning even better to your needs: You choose whether you prefer to enter the effort as absolute values, distribute it automatically with the help of the levels or take it over from the resource planning.

You have the project progress under control at all times: with our resource consumption in the traffic light colour system

Both in resource and capacity planning - the red-green bar visually shows you the consumption of your resources in each project. Through the ratio of your planned effort to your calculated total effort, you always have an overview of whether your project planning is still on track in terms of resources.

Pick the best of the best: with our interfaces to your desired tool

Vanillaplan is the resource and capacity planning solution you want - but you already have a software for your order processing? No problem. We believe it's most effective to combine the best of specialised solutions. And that's why we have developed our interface platform VanillaplanFair. With this we can create interfaces for the exchange of data from Vanillaplan to any IT system.

That was a small insight into our software. Feel free to have a look around our website or contact us for further questions.